Vibing high

Every now and then around here, we talk about a subject that makes us all sound crazy. Maybe we are – who knows. But, if we are, it isn’t for this reason. 

Glow up

You know that saying about “getting out of your own way”? Turns out Ralph was onto it way before your mom, or your 9th grade teacher, or your basketball coach ever were. We’re so good at trying protecting ourselves from the awkward, painful and ridiculous, that we often count ourselves out before we even take …

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Monday Moment: Love wins

Last week was a difficult week in the US. Again. There was the similar pattern of tragedy, “thoughts & prayers,” and outrage that has become achingly familiar. But then, there was something else. Where the outrage usually simmers into resignation and hopelessness, there were voices. Not only the usual voices of exaggerated political dichotomy, but …

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