January 2018

Agile process

Can you believe we’re halfway through the week already? It’s been a quick one for me, mainly because I’ve had about 32 hours of living planned for each 24 cycle I got. You know how it is. It all looks so good “on paper” until you actually start trying to do it all. There are […]

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Altered state

I had a thought about today’s post, and then I changed my mind. Lots of things changed, actually. The day I thought I was going to have isn’t the one that seems to lay ahead. The way things are going, there’s a good chance the day I start out having won’t be the day I

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Rise & shine

Here’s an observation that may not surprise you: it seems like a lot of people are starting out the year with a resolution to add a mindfulness or meditation practice to their routines. Of course, I’m more likely to be talking to people with that in mind, but still – I’ve heard it repeatedly. Naturally,

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