March 2016

Good for you

It’s so nice when good things happen to people who deserve them, isn’t it? It feels great to watch people who’ve worked hard for something finally see it happen. You know that awesome feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you get to witness their elation, and realize that their dreams are […]

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Constructed criticism

Meditation is supposed to be relaxing. It’s supposed to make you feel less stressed, more chill, and maybe even a little blissed out…or so they say. Realistically, I’d say that’s sometimes true. Meditation and other types of mindfulness do activate many of your body’s relaxation cues – regulated breathing, slowed heart rate, and decreased cortisol

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Outside chance

How’s the weather where you are? Is spring in the air? If it isn’t, you’re probably irritated that I asked, but hang in there. It’s coming (even if you’re in the southern hemisphere and have sliiiiightly longer to wait). It always does, and with rare exception, it wakes up our senses after a long winter’s

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Here, or present?

Remember when you were in grade school, and when the teacher would take attendance you had the choice of saying “here” or “present”? As a second or third-grader, it was about the only choice anyone ever gave us, so it was kind of cool. Or, it would have been, if it weren’t for the fact that

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