May 2017

Winds of change

If by some chance you’d forgotten that Spring is a time of epic transformation, your itchy, sneezy nose and watery eyes have probably clued you in. Nature is up to all kinds of tricks this time of year, sprouting abundance where there was previously nothing, and filling the world with color, texture and fragrance of […]

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Come through

Mindfulness isn’t easy. Focusing your attention on one singular thing, returning your attention to that place when distractions – internal and external – try to pull you away, and maybe even trying to sit still for more than a few seconds…these intentions are the opposite of how we live our everyday lives. We never have

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Short-timer (x2)

This post originally appeared on MindfulMBA on May 11, 2016, but it’s back because it’s oh-so just right for right now. We’ve all heard the wisdom that “everything is temporary,” but the business school world offers an unusually high level of proof. It all starts the minute you see the word “Congratulations” in your email,

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