What would be possible if you were truly paying attention?

In the moments that matter most, are you fully present, or just showing up? Are you acting and making decisions with intention, or on auto-pilot? Mindfulness-informed coaching can help you tell the difference, and engage in your work and your life with greater authenticity and presence.

Gain more...


Know what you want, and how to go for it.


Manage distraction, and stay connected to your priorities.


Understand what motivates you so you can make informed choices.


Hone your instincts and manage your energy to optimize balance and maximize performance.


Expert coaching to support you individually, or in a group, at every step along your personal and professional journey.

MBA Applicants​

Choose full-service admissions coaching or à la carte services including school list strategy, essay revisions, and interview support.


Get real insights to empower your career pivots and upgrades, from purpose and alignment assessments to resume refreshes.


Create meaningful pause points to reconnect and re-energize your team.



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How It Works


Step 1: Reach out.

Let’s connect to see how we can work together to achieve your goals


Step 2: Collaborate and customize.

Establish a plan for you or your group, and we’ll work through it together.


Step 3: Exhale

Achieve your goals, with clarity and energy for your next steps. (Or, just rest!)  

Mindfulness Blog

Insights and tips for applying mindfulness in everyday work and life.