June 2016

Lead the way

Working at the intersection of mindfulness and business, I’m very familiar with skepticism. Doubt, polite inattention, and a fair amount of side eye are old acquaintances of mine. While mindfulness has captured quite a bit of spotlight in the business world lately (see Google, Aetna, and Salesforce, to name just a few), there are still […]

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Charged up

People say that darndest things, don’t they? I think that adage is actually about kids, but these days, it seems to apply as much to adults as preschoolers. There are a lot of big, important issues front and center in the world, and tensions are running high. Conversations easily turn into debates, and in the

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Nice recovery

Last week, we talked about “what not to do,” or in other words, how to actually use downtime (when you have it) to relax. We also talked about the challenge of sitting still, which many of us face on the regular if we try seated meditation. Fortunately, there is all kinds of mindful movement (yoga,

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