“No-Fail” Friday: Called out

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There’s nothing better than a summer weekend, is there? Even if you have work to do, you can’t beat mixing it with some warm air, sun, and a little grass or sand between your toes. There’s also no better setting for a “no-fail” mindfulness challenge, especially one that can easily be done in any summer setting, from beach to BBQ. 

This week was all about noticing the opportunities for mindfulness that pop up around us every day. Sometimes the universe throws them at us, and sometimes others help us see them. (“Hello?? Are you listening??” We’ve all been there…) Mindfulness doesn’t always have to be about meditation; sometimes it’s just about paying attention. We may step, stumble, or be pulled back into what’s actually happening in front of us – “snapped out of it,” or back into it, as the case may be.

This weekend, your challenge is (gasp!) actually not all about you. OK, take it easy, I’m just giving you a hard time. I know you’re not all about you, either. Of course, you can always take up the challenge of being more aware and present yourself. Go for it, anytime. But your charge this weekend is to help someone else check-in to the present moment as well. There are lots of ways you can do this, and since you’re out and about all the time, I know you can find one.

It might be as simple as bringing someone’s attention back into a conversation, or it might come in the form of encouragement for someone who needs some extra energy for the home stretch towards a goal, or just to help them push their comfort zone out a bit. You might even find that you have the chance to help someone else catch their breath in the midst of their own frustration or anger. You don’t have to be a certified mindfulness instructor to be a teacher. Just like there are “teachers” around you every day, you can be one yourself in the journey of someone else.

And then, because it’s a beautiful summer weekend, you can put your feet up and take a breath yourself. As a mindfulness expert, it would frankly be irresponsible not to. 😉

Photo credit: Leonie Fahjen

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