Monday Moment: Happy times

Happiness inside quote w tag Sometimes it seems that the better the weekend, the tougher the Monday. I’m not just talking about, um, “dehydration” and its related side effects here. It’s mostly just that feeling of whiplash when you go from super relaxed back into “work mode.” It can be a rough transition. Today’s quote is a great reminder that the sense of contentment you feel when you’re kicked back in a lawn chair on Saturday isn’t just because of the calendar. It’s also in part because you expect and allow yourself to be relaxed. You deliberately put yourself in a different frame of mind because it’s the weekend. But, a day is just a day. There’s a sunrise, and a sunset, and a bunch of things you do in between. You just think a little differently about 2.5 of those 7 you have each week, and all of a sudden, they feel like something else.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The work week is full of obligations you don’t want to deal with, but the weekend has its fair share as well. There are errands to run, laundry to do, light bulbs to change, etc. We just sort of decide it’s ok, and that we’re going to be more relaxed anyway. This week, remember that your happiness comes from how you decide to view your circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. Doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy, but you’re less likely to miss a perfectly good day for it.

Have a happy week 🙂

Photo credit: Mathyas Kurmann

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