January 2016

Clearly creative

There’s a recurring theme that comes up in the questions students often ask in the mindfulness and meditation classes that I teach. Several themes, actually, but one of them essentially revolves around creativity. The question is basically about whether it’s always valuable to work to quiet your mind, or if perhaps ditching the leash and

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Ring the alarm

I’m going to take a risk here by admitting something that I realize may make you like me less. I know it’s a dangerous proposal, but I think we’ve gotten close enough that we can be honest with each other. I know you’re a mindful person, so I trust you not to judge me. Or,

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Intents & purposes

Welcome back! How’s your 2016 going? Everything you hoped for and more? Kinda meh? It’s ok. We’re only about two weeks in, and January can be a tough month anyway. So how many of you are into the whole resolution thing? Whether you’re quietly raising your hand right now or not (thank you for participating),

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Feast & famine

We all have seasons in our lives. There are time when everything’s coming up roses and all of your dreams seem to come true, and there are times when nothing seems to break your way. Recognizing that we are not defined by our successes and failures, but rather that they are transient experiences that we encounter, is

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