Monday Moment: This little (big) light


This gem from Marianne Williamson sometimes takes a read or two to sink in…how could we be afraid of being powerful, right? Well, we get used to our comfort zones. We like knowing where our limits are. Pushing them out into new territory is scary. We don’t recognize ourselves, let alone anything else. So, we play safe and stay where we think we belong, where everything is familiar and nothing makes us question our choices.

Except when we can’t, right? Except when that little voice inside you says, “Go…you are bigger, brighter, there is even more for you than this…” Even if – especially if – where we currently are seems perfectly, well, fine, right? If ain’t broke…you know?

But that’s not how intuition works. It won’t let you play small. If you’re listening, it will give you all the encouragement you need to get out of your own way, and let that light shine.

Photo credit: John Towner

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