“No-Fail” Friday: Daydream believer


What a perfect weekend for a (“no-fail”) mindfulness challenge. Our subject this week was none other than personal power, and the resilience of our hopes and dreams over our fears and doubts. Doesn’t always feel that way? Well, then, you must be human. Me, too. Just because it’s hard to believe some of the time doesn’t make it any less true. 

There’s a least a little bit of a daydreamer in all of us, and as we discussed last week, that’s a good thing. We need space – in our minds, and in our days – to let our thoughts drift and build, and to see where they go. That’s where the kind of dreams you remember begin, and where vision takes shape.

Once those exciting ideas start to form, however, we often bump into this week’s topic. Yup, the voice. Just when you’re in the midst of the best daydream ever about the thing you’re so excited to work towards, the ideal scenario, the perfect iteration, the dial turns up and there it is. “Hmmmm….are you sure? That sounds hard. Maybe too hard. You probaby can’t get there. It’s too much.” In other words, you’re not enough.

It’s SO loud sometimes. In fact, it can make it hard to hear those dreams anymore. But as you read on Wednesday, it wouldn’t even be there if your dreams hadn’t spoken first. So, dial them up in response.

Not in an aggressive “ha! I told you so!” kind of way, because the mean voice loves a challenge. But in more of a self-assured, confident-but-strong kind of way.  Somewhere within you, you know that voice is wrong, and your gut will tell you straight up that your dreams are 100 percent right.

You’ve probably heard the saying about the power of speaking your truth. And yes, YES to that. But there’s also this not-so-small matter about listening to it as well.

Need a little support in that pursuit? Check out the 5-minute guided meditation below to take you through it.

Before you know it, your dreams will be so much more than just that.

Photo credit: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

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