“No-Fail” Friday: Outta my way

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This week’s main post was about finding the balance between the gentle discipline of mindfulness and the cultivation of space for unrestrained creativity in our very productive lives. The point (according to me) was that a little daily mindfulness can help to organize the sometimes chaotic chatter in our brains, not just by giving us moments of quiet peace, but also enabling us to be more efficient, and ideally, also creative.

So for this weekend’s mindfulness challenge, we’re flipping the script. 

Usually, I ask you to find time for some kind of mindfulness in your weekend, and I guess I’m not totally departing from that this time around. However, this weekend is really about finding time to intentionally let your mind wander. By that I don’t mean that you should micromanage the wandering, but rather that the time should be deliberately sanctioned for it. You’re not going to let your attention roam when you should be working on something else, which often leads to chastising yourself for not being focused – which is a whole other post. This time, you are free to roam about your imagination.

If the voice in your head decides to get noisy and tries to rain on your creativity parade, you can use your mindfulness skills to put him or her back in their place. Whether you want to brainstorm about a specific topic or just see where your mind takes you, skepticism is not on the guest list. This is your chance to envision without limitations, using mindfulness to give your type-A “thinking mind” a rest. It’s the weekend, after all. What better time to give that inner CEO a break, and let the Creative Director step in?

Happy daydreaming!

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