Monday Moment: Down a notch

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We’re starting off this week with one of my favorite quotes for the work that I do with mindfulness and professional stress. So often, we think of power as something that comes through exertion and aggressive effort. We perceive it as something that needs to be earned, taken, or even stolen, because we think it’s available in limited quantities only.

How about this idea, though. What if we all have power within us that is unique to us, and can only be accessed by ourselves as individuals? What if the path to accessing that power started with dialing things down a notch, finding stillness, and narrowing our focus to this present moment, right here?

You know your focus is more clear when your heart isn’t pounding out of your ears, so why would it make any sense that you’d be more powerful in that state? Maybe you can jump higher or run faster, thanks to adrenaline, but is that the kind of power you need to succeed today?

Food for thought, as you run headfirst into your Monday. Maybe slow it down to a saunter, and take a second to catch your breath. Never know what brilliance might be on the other side of that first intentional inhale, and calm and steady exhale.

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