It’s been a while since I posted something new here, and there’s a good reason for it. I had to make a choice. Truth is, it wasn’t that different from the choices I’ve always had to make, I just had to get better at making them. The issue was that, despite my lifelong tendency to […]

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Win-win situation

As a coach, I do a lot of work with people who are trying to achieve a particular goal. Sometimes, it’s about making something specific happen, like getting into an MBA program or positioning themselves for a career transition. Other times, it’s about getting “unstuck,” and gaining clarity about what comes next, and how to

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Reality check

One day last week, I promised myself that at the end of a very long workday, I would roll out my yoga mat and practice online with one of my favorite teachers from afar.  The class started at 6pm. At 6:12pm, I was still writing emails. Did I mention the thing about the workday? Yeah, a doozy.  I

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Dream on

Taking a moment to step into a space I don’t speak directly about as much here, but one in which I happen to have a lot of expertise. It’s a strange year, period. It’s an even more strange one if part of your plan was to head to graduate school right about now, ish. You

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Background noise

Has anyone told you that you’re amazing today? That you’re a visionary, get-it-done, unstoppable warrior queen or king? Not yet? Well allow me to be the first, then. Know it. I’m guessing that when you scanned your memory to remember if anyone has showered you with praise yet today, you didn’t think to include yourself.

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