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Has anyone told you that you’re amazing today? That you’re a visionary, get-it-done, unstoppable warrior queen or king?

Not yet? Well allow me to be the first, then. Know it.

I’m guessing that when you scanned your memory to remember if anyone has showered you with praise yet today, you didn’t think to include yourself. Guessing. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…

…… 👀 👀 ⏰ 👀 👀……

Pretty much what I thought. So, if you’re not telling yourself you’re a badass, then what ARE you telling yourself?

If you’re reading this blog, I’ll count you among those of us who have an inner voice that loves to kick us in the butt. Loves to say things like “What’s wrong with you? Why are you messing this up? Pull it together for once, ok?”

Have you seen that Dove project from a while back where they had women talk to other people out loud the way they talk to themselves? I mean, whoa.

I get it, though. That voice has pushed you to accomplish a lot. Sometimes it gets you out of bed, and pushes you use your gifts to the max, despite self doubt and other such nonsense.

Except, it kind of feeds off of self doubt, and vice versa. Who else would they have to talk to, without each other? More importantly, where does your well-being fall in the midst of all this noise?

You’ve got a good cop in there too, you know. It’s just having trouble getting a word in edgewise, mainly because you’re less likely to believe it.

Give it a chance. Start by noticing. Pay attention to what’s happening inside your head, and recognizing that not all of it is fact.

Sometimes it’s easier to believe we’re not enough. It feels like there’s less at stake if we mess up. We also know that no matter what we say to ourselves, we can’t bail. You can break up with yourself.

Maybe you should, though. At least that version of you. If you wouldn’t hang out with someone who mainly focused on your e mistakes and “growth areas,” and regularly failed to notice when you’re crushing it, or how great you look today, why set your internal bar any differently?

More importantly, if you won’t give yourself that respect, why should anyone else?

Your own internal voice is the only one in the world you can’t walk away from. Might as well make it one you actually enjoy listening to.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~Oscar Wilde

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