Certainly not

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately. They’re on Zoom of course, because where else do people talk? I’ve forgotten any other way. Lockdown-inspired sarcasm aside, I’ve been talking to lots of clients and students and colleagues and friends about “these times” we’re living in. We cover lots of different subjects, on the surface […]

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Certainty not

  We human beings love control and like to think it’s possible to get our arms completely around the course of our lives. We’re always trying to “get on top of things,” so “by next week (next month, next season…never) things will have calmed down.” But, if there’s one thing that will show you who’s

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Winds of change

If by some chance you’d forgotten that Spring is a time of epic transformation, your itchy, sneezy nose and watery eyes have probably clued you in. Nature is up to all kinds of tricks this time of year, sprouting abundance where there was previously nothing, and filling the world with color, texture and fragrance of

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You do you

When I was a kid, the surest way to make anything more fun (besides adding ice cream) was to tell me I was allowed to bring a friend. Spend the afternoon being dragged around town running errands with grownups? Fine, if I can bring a friend. Chores, homework, long lines for anything, anywhere? No problem,

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Holding pattern

Does anyone out there like waiting? I can’t see you, but I’m guessing no hands are going up. Unless, of course, you confused waiting with procrastinating. That practice tends to have a few more fans. Waiting is different because it usually implies that you would rather not be waiting, but that for some external reason

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