Certainty not



We human beings love control and like to think it’s possible to get our arms completely around the course of our lives. We’re always trying to “get on top of things,” so “by next week (next month, next season…never) things will have calmed down.” But, if there’s one thing that will show you who’s boss with that theory, it’s life itself. You can fight it, or you can roll with it. Both can be pretty uncomfortable, but the latter is probably less so, and the discomfort that comes with it is the kind that can be turned into, well, growth, if you let it. How do you manage that? Inhale, exhale, and just be there with it. Some things, people, and events just are what they are. What you decide to make of that can either serve you, or trip you up.

Expectations are everything, right? Or, as it turns out, maybe not having any is the way to go.

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