Perfect timing

It is perhaps the only quantifiable commodity on earth that cannot be contained. It is omnipresent but infinitely precious. We are hyper-conscious of it, but value most the moments when we completely forget about it. It moves perpetually and is measured in even increments, although it certainly doesn’t always feel consistent. It flies when we’re

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We’ve all heard the wisdom that “everything is temporary,” but the business school world offers an unusually high level of proof. It all starts the minute you see the word “Congratulations” in your email, and realize that you will, in fact, really be leaving your job. From that point forward, you embark upon a two-year

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I know a thing or two about busy-ness. Probably much like you, most of my days include way more “to-do” items than a human could possibly get done in a day. I like to think it’s because we are naturally optimistic, but there are nights when I look at the half-completed list and think maybe

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Tick tock

You’ve got a lot going on. Not only is spare time probably a fantasy for you, but if you ever have any, you should probably spend it sleeping. If you’re reading this blog, however, then you’ve either already made an effort or are trying to find a way to incorporate some form of mindfulness meditation

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