New Year

Enough, already

The transition to a new year is so often filled with thoughts of who we aren’t. Who we meant to become during the past year, but didn’t. How we plan, with our very best intentions, to try again – even better! – in the year ahead. What if instead you took this moment to look […]

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Rise & shine

Here’s an observation that may not surprise you: it seems like a lot of people are starting out the year with a resolution to add a mindfulness or meditation practice to their routines. Of course, I’m more likely to be talking to people with that in mind, but still – I’ve heard it repeatedly. Naturally,

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The mindful grind

If there’s a phrase I have heard most during these first few weeks of 2017, it’s probably not “Happy New Year,” but something more along the lines of “back to the grind.” After weeks of downtime (family, binge-watching, sleeeeeep), turned-up time (friends, parties, travel), and maybe even some alternative work on that second job you’ve

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Bag drop

What better (or more mindful) way to start the New Year than with an effort to leave behind what you’ve actually already left behind. Like the old Zen story about the monks crossing the river, we carry a lot of extra “bags” with us when we hang on to thinking about what didn’t work, or

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Intents & purposes

Welcome back! How’s your 2016 going? Everything you hoped for and more? Kinda meh? It’s ok. We’re only about two weeks in, and January can be a tough month anyway. So how many of you are into the whole resolution thing? Whether you’re quietly raising your hand right now or not (thank you for participating),

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