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Gather up

I’m completely shocked that it’s the holiday season already, partly because the longest year ever is somehow managing to move forward at a startling clip, and partly because so much about the winter holidays looks different this year.  Actually, maybe I’m wrong on that. Plenty of people spend the holidays quietly, or even alone, each […]

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Many thanks

You probably know you have things to be thankful for, but if you’ve got big plans for your life, it can be hard to stay focused on them. You know you have people in you’re life you’re thankful for, but when they nag you about the things you’re stressed about, it’s hard to remember you

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You’re a pretty smart person. No, don’t try to play humble and say you aren’t. You are, and you know it. Maybe you’re really smart, or even a genius. Regardless, you’re probably better at or happier doing some things over others, and with certain activities, you’re lucky enough to get both. The point is, whether

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Extra change

I live in the southern U.S., where spring begins in February, and by now it’s already summer. Last week, I traveled to the northern part of the country, and was reminded that the transition happens at different times in different places. No matter the timing, some years it’s a gradual process, full of backslides into

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  Where is the line for you? The one between being busy, and being overwhelmed? Between doing just the right amount of everything that makes you feel fulfilled, and doing so much that the “fill” becomes too full? How do you know when you’re spreading yourself too thin? Easy…sort of.

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“No-Fail” Friday: Which way do we go?

This week, we dove back in to the topic of decision-making, which is a popular one around here, and for good reason. Seems like there is always one on the horizon, big or small — or both. This weekend, your “no-fail” mindfulness challenge comes in stages, with some tips for visualizing different scenarios, and using

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Caught up

Raise your hand if you’ve got some kind of decision hanging over you. Yup, thought so. That’s pretty much everyone, far as I can see. MBA life – including the time before and after business school – is overflowing with them. If you’ve been reading along here for a while, you know it’s a topic

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