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I live in the southern U.S., where spring begins in February, and by now it’s already summer. Last week, I traveled to the northern part of the country, and was reminded that the transition happens at different times in different places. No matter the timing, some years it’s a gradual process, full of backslides into full-blown winter followed by surges forward into summer heat, only to drift back into chilly rain, crushing souls along the way. Other years, change happens more quickly and confidently, each step taking us closer to summer without doubt or hesitation.

You never know how change is going to work. Sometimes you just have to let it unfold.

The reason I was up north last week was to attend a graduation ceremony at a large business school within a ginormous university. It was a big affair with lots of lovely, personal touches at the same time, and at the end everyone had more letters “officially” associated with their name, and a new line to add to their resumes.

It wasn’t the ceremony that made that happen, though. It was a long road of hard work, highs and lows, small steps and big leaps that ultimately led to the transformations acknowledged that day.

There’s no such thing as stillness, really. Change is always underway. Sometimes we need moments that intentionally call our focus to it, though, in order to notice that it’s happened.

Those moments can be exciting, surprising, emotional, or even traumatizing. We can notice the signs, and be mindful of the shifts – large and small – along the way, or we can be caught off guard. This is true even when we see the change coming, though. Just because we know what’s on the horizon doesn’t mean we’ve prepared ourselves for it.

It also doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.

That’s the thing about change. Try to hold it back in one place, and it will find its way out in another.

There’s no such thing as stillness, really. Change is always underway.

Fight it, or flow with it. Resist it, or help to create its shape. Notice it, or miss the journey.

Appreciate the opportunity to evolve – even when it’s awkward or painful – and know that if you don’t like what’s happening right now, just wait. It will change, as will you.

Photo credit: Faustin Tuyambaze

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