Are we there yet?

Recently, I was listening to an episode of a podcast I really like in which the main topic was the psychology of waiting. Every statistic, example, and anecdote that the host and guests discussed sounded like it came straight from the notes of my entire professional career in higher education, admissions, and coaching. So much […]

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Wading game

We live in an on-demand world. We can find answers, see almost anything, and even have material goods we need in our hands almost instantly, through just a few clicks, swipes and taps. The phrase that comes to mind most readily when thinking about this type of existence is “instant gratification,” although I’m not sure

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“No-Fail” Friday: Hold steady

This week, we talked about the epic popularity of the idea of “disruption” in the business (and business school) world lately, and explored the difference between our interest in being “disruptive” in evolving our industry, our certain business norms, and our interest in taking that same approach to our personal growth. It’s all about progress,

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Perfect timing

It is perhaps the only quantifiable commodity on earth that cannot be contained. It is omnipresent but infinitely precious. We are hyper-conscious of it, but value most the moments when we completely forget about it. It moves perpetually and is measured in even increments, although it certainly doesn’t always feel consistent. It flies when we’re

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News flash: mindfulness meditation isn’t easy. Shocking to those who’ve tried it, I know (note sarcasm between lines here). But, yes, it turns out trying to focus your attention in a specific direction for an extended (even two minutes feels “extended” on some days) period of time is pretty challenging. One thing many of us

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As expected

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something? I mean, who hasn’t, right? Maybe not as often as you’d like, but it’s a nice thing, to have someone or something turn out differently than you expected – in a good way. Expectations can be tricky, though, because they break both ways. They are also usually

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