Collective energy

This week, I did a thing! Our MindfulMBA space expanded a bit just days ago (!!) with the addition of Tashi Collective, a virtual community dedicated to mindfulness, movement, and real talk about big ideas. I’m so excited about this new creation, and reallllly jazzed to share it with you. And don’t worry…

Hidden motives

I read an article last week that took about 5 minutes to zip through. A week later, I’m thinking about those 5 minutes. Also, in my typical style, I’ve told everyone I know – including you – about it.

Sea change

Hey there. I see you. How have you been these past few weeks? Holding it together, or trying? Not really? It’s ok. Most of the people you think are holding it together probably aren’t, actually. For now, you’re here. You’re checking in. You’re still showing up, in whatever way you are. I see you, and …

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Certainly not

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately. They’re on Zoom of course, because where else do people talk? I’ve forgotten any other way. Lockdown-inspired sarcasm aside, I’ve been talking to lots of clients and students and colleagues and friends about “these times” we’re living in. We cover lots of different subjects, on the surface …

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You really shouldn’t have

There’s a very particular kind of moment I have sometimes. I’ve had them as far back as high school, perhaps even farther. Maybe I’m not the only one. They come around when there is so much I’m supposed to be doing, that I can’t do anything at all. Well, that’s an overstatement. I can do some things.

In the bag

Have you ever been shopping online, browsing at an item, only to notice a note right next to the “Add to Cart” button that reads “Low stock!”? Even better, maybe “Only 1 left!”? How does that make you feel, even reading that now? I know how it makes me feel. Damn, I need to get …

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