You do you

When I was a kid, the surest way to make anything more fun (besides adding ice cream) was to tell me I was allowed to bring a friend. Spend the afternoon being dragged around town running errands with grownups? Fine, if I can bring a friend. Chores, homework, long lines for anything, anywhere? No problem,

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Last week we talked about the messy business of jealousy, and what it feels like to watch someone else achieve something that you’d really like to have gotten for yourself. It’s messy because it’s multi-dimensional. Jealousy starts out being directed towards someone else, but quickly comes right back atcha, getting mixed up with feelings of

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Good for you

It’s so nice when good things happen to people who deserve them, isn’t it? It feels great to watch people who’ve worked hard for something finally see it happen. You know that awesome feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you get to witness their elation, and realize that their dreams are

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