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You know that saying about the best laid plans, right? Well if not, I’ll give you a recap. Plan all you want, but don’t expect

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Global experience

Hey, friends. Yeah, I know. It’s been a minute. We’ve both been busy, though, and you’ve had plenty going on so I bet you didn’t

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Enough, already

The transition to a new year is so often filled with thoughts of who we aren’t. Who we meant to become during the past year,

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Champagne problems

In theory, this is the time of year when we all get to kick back. Various traditions around the world celebrate holidays, we welcome the

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Boundary issues

You know how there’s supposed to be this thing you’re doing in life of “getting to know yourself”? You’re out there trying to to figure

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Take a look

Hi friends! It’s been an intense couple of weeks, and you might be wondering what’s going on over here. Lots of changes! BUT, that doesn’t

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Rinse and repeat

I made a decision just a few years ago from a place of profound darkness.  My heart was pretty beat up. I was in that

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Creepy crawly

In this season of all things spooky, it seems logical to think of fear as a choice. We can put ourselves in positions to be

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Drop it already

You know what it feels like to be worried about something, right? The way that your mind becomes preoccupied with thoughts of various scenarios (usually

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