Real Mindful: Ashley Miles (MBA ’17)

Project You-Straight-OnWe’re back with another episode of Real Mindful, where you get to listen to cool people tell you how they’ve brought mindful moments into their lives in tons of interesting ways. Bonus: it’s not always how you expect it’s going to be, either.

Take Ashley, for example.

Ashley Miles graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2017, but she and I first met when she was preparing to apply to business school through this exceptional program (disclaimer: my opinion is biased…but it is A+).

After finishing her MBA, Ashley experienced the feeling of awkward stillness that many recent grads do. Not familiar? Oh, you will be. After more than two years of always have ten places to be at once, the routine of a regular, stable life felt a bit stifling. So, she decided to take a closer look at her everyday life in search of the little moments of joy, excitement, fun, and that perfect, good kind of weirdness. 😉

She started taking a 1 second video from each day beginning with the new year, and at the end of that year, she threaded them together for a snapshot view of one perfectly amazing, normal year-in-life of her very own self. It’s amazing. Seriously, check it out.

It wasn’t an intentional mindfulness practice, but it turned into one in unexpected ways. Take a listen below to our conversation about how it all went down, and why she’s ready to do it all again.

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