Monday Moment: Fan out

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If last week’s posts could be distilled down to a few key themes, one of them was definitely courage. Courage to listen to your intuition, courage to do things that scare you, courage to make choices that make others ask questions. Courage to follow your path, when it doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

Because it shouldn’t. Then it wouldn’t be yours.

Today is about the powerful choice to surround yourself with people who support your growth. Not “yes men” and “yes women,” but people who are willing to ride with you as you evolve, and maybe even ask a few questions themselves — the kind that make you grow more, though, not the kind designed to hold you back.

The people who see your fire and say yaaasssss, get it, not the kind who bring a hose (bless their hearts). And you know the deal with those folks, right?

They’re not really afraid of your fire. They’re afraid of their own.

Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. They’re on their path, too. Send love, find your tribe, and tell them to bring ALL the fans along with them.


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