Monday Moment: Mixed messages

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To be or not to be…a consultant. A banker. A non-profit manager. A brand management guru. A startup prodigy. None of the above. All of the above. If you have a life that allows you to consider even one of these options as a realistic path – let alone to be confounded by the possibility that any of them could be viable for you – you’re a fortunate soul. Of course, we are all capable of becoming the person we want to be, but the road is longer and the climb a little steeper for some over others. I don’t have to tell you this.

When you have the luxury of choices, they can be paralyzingly stressful, though. There are forces at work and those with a stake in the outcome who are very good at letting their opinions be known. You are likely quite clear on what the “safe” routes would look like. Maybe one of them also resonates deeply with you, right now. If so, slow clap. That’s a wonderful, massive relief of a spot to be in. I mean that, you lucky duck.

For the rest of us, discovering our life’s work takes, well, work. It requires a simultaneous effort of dialing in to our inner voice, and tuning out the external ones that push us to become their version of ourselves. Their opinions may come from a place of love, and pleasing them feels so good. But, it doesn’t remove the lingering doubt that you’ve veered slightly off-course. That doubt will only grow with time, and become other things, like frustration and resentment.

You can always right your course, though. Your purpose doesn’t have an expiration date. As long as you still have breath, you haven’t missed your chance to become the person you are meant to be…the person you have actually always been.

So use that breath to check in. How do you feel, in your body, about the choices you are making? If the answer is, “not good,” then it’s time for the next choice – no matter how small – to be a different one. You will right your course, and find your way to the work that is meant to be yours to do.

Photo credit: Alexandr Baranets

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