Monday Moment: In focus

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What a weekend, yeah? Hopefully a nice, long one for you, but also likely one with a little too much of a few too many things. Good on turkey for a while? Probably. Maybe also had your (temporary) fill of certain pies, beverages, and yes, family members…not to mention emails letting you in on “secret, special deals just for today!!!” It’s possible that work or classes feel like a refuge today, to a certain extent. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to get back into the routine, though.

Today’s motivation is meant to help a little with regaining that focus. Per usual for us, it’s connected to something deeper, though.  This is about the kind of focus that comes from not just paying attention, but also deeply caring about what you’re working on. It’s the focus that comes from having your heart and mind in alignment, and from using your gifts for action that is meaningful to you.

Don’t know exactly where that intersection happens for you? Then it’s time to seek it out. It may not be easy, and it may not appear instantly on-demand. But only through the courageous work of uncovering where those two parts of you meet can the true purpose of your gifts emerge.

Nobody likes the Monday after a holiday weekend. But don’t let that stop you from meeting it head-on, and doing your very best to bring your best to the work that gives you the greatest joy.

Photo credit: Ales Krivec

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