Monday Moment: Presently available

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One way to look at this quote on a Monday morning is to think about how much you probably don’t want to face the fact that it’s time to part ways with the weekend, and dive into the obligations and challenges of the week ahead. Ouch, I know. I’m human, and I’m feeling it too. But the truth is, the good stuff (and the not so good stuff) is always with you, because it’s within you. You don’t need to look far, or even necessarily away, to find it. Today’s just a day, and just because it isn’t labeled “weekend” doesn’t mean it can’t be a good one. Fun, happiness, even the neutral, sometimes unwelcome truth, all reside right there within you. Catch your breath, and tap in. To take a twist on one of my fave quotes from Rumi, what you’re seeking may in fact already have found you — or at least be available for lunch. 😉

Photo credit: Brad Stallcup

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