Monday Moment: Still at it

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Mondays are busy, overwhelming, and often slightly jarring. Can the weekend really be over? Do I really have to do this right now? The disorientation is even worse in summer, but no matter the season, Mondays seem to start in a haze, pick up speed and then end, well, on Tuesday. In other words, they’re intense in all kinds of ways. Always remember, though, that you can take a second to inhale…and exhale…even just once, to reconnect with the steady center within you. It’s always in there, it’s just sometimes we get a little disconnected from it when our attention shifts outward, focused more on who else needs what else from us. We can always come back, though, even on Monday, and of course, all week long after that.

Take a breath, and get out there. Like all challenges, the only way around Monday is to drive straight through it.

Photo credit: Christopher Burns 

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