Monday Moment: Reflects well

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We’re taking just a few steps back as we start our week to sit for just a second with our notion of generosity. How do we feel when we give of ourselves to others, whether a small gesture or a substantial gift or sacrifice on our part? After the afterglow of that moment passes, what do we expect next? Maybe you’re one of the few who actually expects nothing, and lets the moment sit as it is. It’s also possible, however, that even if you don’t actively await something in return, you may still hold a mental tally of “me – 1, you – TBD.” As you begin your week, consider the idea that giving is its own gift, and what you get when you offer someone your time, resources, or even just your positive energy, comes from you, and not anything they can offer in return.

In other words, to challenge Edith Wharton’s famous quote just a smidge, you can be the candle and the mirror that reflects its light.

Photo credit: Federico Beccari

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