Monday Moment: Destination unknown

R Feyman Door to Unknown quote w tag

Interesting comment, coming from a scientist, isn’t it? But certainly, to be able to uncover fresh ideas and investigate new realities, you have to be open to what you don’t know, and even the possibility that you won’t know…As you start your week, try to cultivate this  “beginner’s mind,” as we often call this perspective in mindfulness.

Be present, open and willing to encounter whatever arises today, and explore it with the natural curiosity we are all born with, rather than the critical judgment we all eventually learn. There is a time and place for analysis, but often we shift into that gear too quickly, and forget about the wonder that comes with discovering something new or unexpected. When we commit to noticing, accepting and exploring, we realize that the conclusions we have drawn aren’t a stopping point, but rather are simply a pause along the way.

Photo credit: JD Mason

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