No-Fail Friday: I see you


This week, we uncovered the (not-so) secret truth that mindfulness is sneaky. Not sneaky in the sense that it’s dishonest or pretending to be something it’s not, but more so in how it has the tendency to come around when you least expect it. For example, you find you’re more focused than usual during a challenging activity, you’re calmer than is typical during a conversation with a person who usually sets you off, you didn’t completely lose your “ish” as you previously would when something unexpected threw a curveball in your plans. It may not happen all the time, or even most of the time, but you never forget the first time you notice it. You were intentional, present – mindful – and you weren’t even trying. It just happened, all by its own powerful self.

Now, moments like this can take some time – and practice – to conjure, which is where this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge asks you to step up.¬†

First of all, find a little mindfulness. Find your breath (there are some great guided meditation sites at the bottom of this page, and countless apps you can try if you like), or get to moving with some yoga or mindful walking. You can even try some mindful eating if you prefer (NOTE: it’s not about what, when or how much you eat, but whether you actually engage with the way your senses respond to the yumminess). Just make sure to get your daily dose, to increase the possibility that you can be more aware of your actions and interactions in the hours that follow.

Then, as you head into the rest of your day, keep your antenna up for those mindful moments that you may not see coming until they’re there — or maybe, until they’ve passed. Either works, as long as you’re paying attention, with intention.

It’s almost like you’re meditating, even as you go about your daily life….weird, yeah? Not to mention sneaky. ūüėČ

If you notice something, take note. If you don’t, let go of the expectation that you would. The goal here is to be open to what might happen without assigning value or judgement to what actually does. As the saying goes, whether it comes, stays or goes, let it. It is what it is, and it really is all good.¬†

The point is, you’re paying attention. You’re aware. You’re fully awake and engaged in the present moment, which is a victory even if it’s just for one moment.¬†

That’s what we mean by “no-fail.” You’ve met the challenge¬†no matter what happens, as long as you fully show up for it.¬†And who wants to miss a moment of the weekend, anyway?¬†

Photo credit: Jonathan Velasquez

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