Monday Moment: Onward

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If you’re like me and live in a place where the clocks “sprang forward” this past weekend and you lost an hour, this morning requires a little extra motivation. There’s less light outside (although there will be more this evening!), and whatever time your alarm goes off feels like an hour earlier than it (now) is. In general, ouch.

Not only does this wisdom from Virginia Woolf help us with that struggle, but it also lines up nicely with one of the main messages of mindfulness. Avoiding challenges doesn’t make them disappear, unfortunately. The upside is that often, things look worse from the outside than they actually are once you get into them. If you take one step at a time, and a few deep, present breaths along the way, you may find you’re on the other side of “ouch” before you know it.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” — Lao Tzu

Photo credit: Lesly B. Juarez

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