Monday Moment: Peace in


All I can say is, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find us a dose of wisdom from this collective font of musical genius. Source aside, there are a lot of reasons to appreciate what George has to say to us this Monday morning. We spend a lot of time up in our heads, thinking about what has happened, what we expect might happen next, and what we think about all of it. We value our thoughts and the emotions that accompany them as true and real, without question. Mindfulness reminds us that they are fleeting experiences, though, and helps us see “beyond” ourselves, in a sense. It helps us access the stillness that we each have inside us that is just beyond the swirl of thoughts, emotions, ideas and concerns, and gives us the space to find a little peace, even if just for a minute or two. The important thing to note is that it’s always there, though, available and accessible with the 3 simple ingredients of your attention, your intention and your breath.

Have a peaceful week… 🙂

Photo credit: Kellie Jane


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