Cut loose


Everybody loves a sure thing. Risk is uncomfortable, and scary, and sometimes even illogical. Nobody likes getting hurt, looking stupid, or worst of all, feeling regret. So when it comes to venturing into the unknown, we get – well, you know – clingy. We don’t so much mind the reaching out part, but we want to keep one hand on our safety net when we do. We at least want to know that it’s still there, still accessible to us if the risk goes awry. We don’t want to be left with nothing, because surely anything is better than that – right?

Maybe. And of course, maybe not. Problem is, there’s usually only one way to find out. I know, it suuuuuucks. I feel it, and I get it. I like safety, too. But at a certain point, when opportunity and intuition align, and when your gut is telling you it’s time to cut the rope, you have to take a deep breath, and head out. You don’t know what’s out there, true, but for that very reason, staying tied to shore could be costing you a pretty sweet ride.

Inhale, exhale…breathe…and set sail.

Photo credit: Jon Flobrant

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