Monday Moment: Open up


Morning! Hope your weekend included a few adventures and opportunities to open your mind. This quote from Carl Jung is a nice reminder that it’s easier to rely on patterns of thought we already have in place for assessing new experiences. But, if you’re present and really paying attention, you might find some new ways for understanding not only what’s happening around you, but also – just maybe – yourself as well.

Photo credit: Ján Jakub Naništa

4 thoughts on “Monday Moment: Open up”

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  2. Very good quote. I suppose you could say that this can also apply to oneself too? Like you judge yourself instead of process your thoughts. Maybe that’s what you were implying with the last part? 🙂

    1. Love this, Lauri! Yes, ideally a regular mindfulness practice starts changing your view of yourself as much as your experiences and the life around you. In fact, there is probably a strong connection between the two. 😉 Thanks for the comment and for reading!

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