Monday Moment: What it is


This Monday may be tougher than most for some of you out there, depending on whether it was a holiday weekend for you, and if so, how big you went during it. Or maybe every weekend’s a holiday for you, and you need a little help every Monday. No judgment here – for real, though. Either way, Tara Brach is here to remind us that the present moment is what it is…if we release the idea of struggling with it, we might find that it’s not so bad. So much of our discomfort comes from the stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening. What if you just let go, and let it be? Give yourself the chance to check it out, and if you don’t like it – good news – it will pass. Everything does. In other words, it will be Friday again before you know it.

Have a present week 🙂

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