Today’s post is a little less about mindfulness, but exactly what I feel needs to be said. Thanks for giving me the space to say it. 

As I wake up, I realize that this morning, I find myself leaning on many of the same fundamental beliefs I did 15 years ago last September: Good always finds a way. Love is the strongest force there is. Even when humanity shows the worst it can offer, love retains its strength. If you look carefully, you will see it, even now. In the heartache you may feel as you wonder what to tell your children, there is love. In the sadness you may feel as your friends tell you they feel unwelcome on these shores, there is love. In the meaningful stares and exhales you may share with colleagues today, there is love. And deep within you, under the disappointment, disbelief and maybe even fear you feel this morning, there is a quiet, resilient flame that still flickers. It will not be dampened by bigotry, hatred, sexism or even violence. It will keep you engaged, with your eyes open and your voice clear. It will prevent you from standing idly by in the face of injustice. It is love, and in its purest form, it is power. 

So do not despair. Good always finds a way. Love is the strongest force there is. Grasp on to it fiercely today, and as you do, spread it around you. In your innate ability to do that, lies your – and our – greatest superpower. Love.

Photo credit: Nao Triponez

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