Monday Moment: Today is tomorrow


This quote really spoke to me this morning when thinking about all of you goal-oriented types out there, in some sense because I think you can read it more than one way. I mean, of course I love the present moment awareness aspect of it. Now is all you really know for sure, right? But also, I think it speaks to our relationship with goals. Sometimes our fear holds us back from really going after them, and time passes without us getting much closer to achieving them because, on some level, we’re scared of what will happen if we do. On the other hand, sometimes we get so caught up in going after whatever’s next that we fail to recognize how far we’ve come. As in, oh yeah, that’s right, I am exactly where I hope I’d be right now. Go me.

This week, give yourself some credit already, why dontcha? And while you’re at it, remember that there’s no time like the present for stepping on up into your future.

Photo credit: Natalia Luchanko

2 thoughts on “Monday Moment: Today is tomorrow”

  1. Great post! Like most things in life, setting goals and working towards them can seem like such a paradox. You’ve got to appreciate where you’re at while also taking initiative to continue grow. I think you did a great job of explaining that.

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