“No-Fail” Friday: Couldn’t possibly


Got anything exciting planned for the weekend? If you just shook your head “no,” then you’ve come to the right place. This weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge might be a little different for everyone, but it’s all about shaking things up a bit – whatever that might mean for you. 

Earlier this week, we talked about limitations, and how frequently we look towards external assessments – formal and informal – to tell us what we’re naturally good at, and what we’re not. We love that information because it allows us to put limits on our own expectations for ourselves, and provides a great excuse for not moving too far beyond our comfort zones. Play to your strengths, right? It only makes sense…unless, of course, you’re trying to grow.

So this weekend’s challenge is less about meditation and breathing, although you may need a little of both as well for this one, and you know I’m always okay with that.

This weekend, do something that you think you’re no good at doing. I mean, really no good. I’m not talking about the kind of thing where, for example, your brother is some kind of champion runner and you’re not as fast as he is, so you’re “bad” at running. I’m talking about an endeavor that you would immediately put on the list if I gave you 30 seconds to tell me your weak points. It may be an activity, or it may be a way of thinking or even a style of interacting with people. It could be something you know you’re totally terrified of, or something you just avoid because, why shouldn’t you? Either way, this weekend the excuses go to the wayside, and it’s your turn to step up and give it the ol’ MBA try.

Because this challenge is a “no-fail” one, it’s exactly the trying that matters. Give it shot. If you still don’t hit your mark, no big deal. Just by making an effort, you may find you have a lot to work with. Where did you learn you were “bad” at this to start with? What is your hesitation made of? Is it fear of looking silly, being ridiculed, or not being perfect? If it was fear of becoming injured, then I encourage you to tread carefully, but moving even just a little closer to trying can still be a useful experience. (No injuries, please!) What happens when you “feel the fear and do it anyway?” (S. Jeffers). If you managed to make it to the other side of that experience, then guess what? You just moved a boundary.

You might just be in charge of your life yet, you courageous person, you. 😉

Have fun, be safe, and have a mindful weekend!

Photo credit: Kalen Emsley

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