Monday Moment: Future state

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Morning! Those of you in the US may be sleeping in today in honor of people who likely never slept in — US Presidents. Plenty of you probably aren’t, though, since it’s one of those holidays that schools and jobs sometimes take a pass on. Regardless, we can all start our week with a mindful reminder from Abe, one of our most esteemed.

I love this quote not just for its inspiration, but because it reinforces that mindfulness isn’t a passive activity. It encourages us to get out of our own way, and to make things happen. To me, that is actually the single most exceptional things that mindfulness can do. A regular mindfulness practice of any kind helps you get to know yourself, and without judgement, make choices about what qualities you lead with. While this can create a really nice sense of inner calm, it isn’t just about peace. It’s also about power. The power to make full use of your strengths and push past fear to do great things. Aristotle said that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” And also, apparently, of a great week. Enjoy all of the possibility in this one.

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