Mindful? Sorry, my mind’s already full.

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Y’all have a lot going on.  For over a decade, I have watched students and applicants manage overloaded day-planners with color-coded sticky notes popping out of every corner, which have evolved into equally packed mobile calendars.  From before you even apply to business school, you push yourself to be exceptional in every way.  When you get to business school, you realize that success is a moving target, that what you thought was the end is really the beginning, and most of all, that you are tired.  Knocked down, dragged out, need to sleep for a month T.I.R.E.D.  In my work with MBA applicants and students, I have seen some highly talented people with a lot to offer the world almost give up because they realize they have been sprinting through a marathon, and also by the way, the finish line keeps moving. I get it. I’d want to quit, too – if I didn’t know something that many of them don’t… 

The world is never going to stop spinning.  The harder you work, and the better you get at what you love, the more opportunities are going to find their way to your door.  Unless you’re confused, you actually do want this to happen.  Additionally, challenges and obstacles will get in your way, and finding ways to surmount them will make you stronger…and create more opportunities.  See where I’m going here?  Telling yourself that you’ll be ok as soon as this project is over, this exam is finished, this new person is hired, and so on will only create a cycle of waiting for the next moment.  Life, however, is happening right now. While you are holding your breath waiting for the world to stop spinning so you can get your bearings, your life is passing you by, and with it, infinite moments of satisfaction, contentment, happiness and even joy that you could have noticed, and experienced more deeply.

The only thing you can stop from spinning is yourself. Life is a kaleidoscope that keeps moving all the time. Just when you think you have it mapped out, and you know which color is where in the mix, it tips on you, and the colors realign themselves into a new design that requires you divide your attention and energy differently.

You can’t stop the world from spinning, but you can keep yourself from doing the same. Mindfulness can help you do that. On this blog, I will share ideas, thoughts, and resources to help you manage the everyday stresses that you may experience on your way to accomplishing extraordinary things. All you have to be able to do is breathe. Piece of cake. You either are or almost are an MBA, darn it. You can do anything – right?

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